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Has your Accountant let you down?

At the present time tax law becomes increasingly complicated and the state needs to raise as much revenue as possible to pay for the banking crisis. As a result accountants play an increasingly significant part in the daily lives of millions of people and their companies.

Whether it's filing personal returns or saving tax for the entrepreneur, the many and varied duties of accountants mean that we rely on them as never before.

For that reason when you are let down by an accountant even a small error could cost you or your company a large amount to rectify. Sometimes, but not often, this is covered by tax investigation insurance paid for by the client, but even then an accountant at fault could have a conflict of interest in seeking to correct their mistake while billing the insurance company for correcting something you already paid them to do.

At Claims Against Accountants we specialise in acting 'no win, no fee' to ensure that you recover in full any losses suffered by your accountant's negligence or breach of contract. Contact us today for an initial discussion.

There are strict time limits to bring a negligence claim against an accountant so the sooner you consult us the better.